A mouth spray from Austria offers an effective protection against COVID.

The difference between the mouth wash and JustATP spray:

  • The mouth wash has 0.2 of the active ingredient. JustATP spray has a 1.8 concentration, meaning it is more effective.
  • JustATP spray kills viruses without mantle. The mouth wash doesn’t.
  • The mouth wash isn’t available in the US yet. You can get JustATP spray today.

Vaccination is currently considered to be the best way to end the global pandemic. At the same time, research is being carried out around the globe for drugs that can cure or prevent a severe corona course.

The mouth spray from a Tyrolean (one state of Austria) company is currently being tested at the Innsbruck Medical University and it could actually protect against virus infection.

“The laboratories of the Innsbruck Med-Uni have been in great demand over the past few months.
0:36 – Numerous possible active ingredients against the corona viruses are tested here.
0:40 – You can test the effectiveness of mouth or nasal sprays in the smallest of spaces.
0:45 – Completely without animal testing – instead, the human lungs are reproduced in a very small model.
0:52 – Wilfried Posch, molecular biologist: “In this model we are simulating a lung tissue. It is a multilayered lung tissue,
1:00 – we also have these structures that we find in the lungs;
1:02 – so we also have this mucus formation, among other things, and therefore this model is ideally suited for the investigation of infections, for example Sars coronaviruses ”

1:12 – The sprayed cells are then infected with the coronavirus.
1:18 – In this way it can be checked how many viruses are wiped out by the spray.
1:23 – Wilfried Posch,“So we look to see how many viruses we can still measure and of course we always have control cells with us
1:30 – so that we can check what happens without the treatment;
1:35 – But of course we always have medicines with us that we test as controls. ”

1:38 – Car: – The mouth spray from the Haller (city) company Ökopur achieved good results. 1:43 – It is mainly produced in a mobile production vehicle.
1:46 – The main ingredient is salt.
1:51 – Michael: “So the basic idea was to develop a mouthwash solution for use in coma patients in hospitals. Because the problem is that most of the products used to practice oral hygiene must not be swallowed by the coma patient.
2:01 – And our approach was to develop a product that you can swallow. ”

2:05 – Speaker: The product has been available in pharmacies for some time. With the beginning of the pandemic it quickly became clear to the manufacturers that their product could also offer protection against coronaviruses.
2:15 – Michael: “Even before Corona, we had the experience that it was effective against practically all bacteria and enveloped viruses, including the coronaviruses.
2:23 – And then we took advantage of the opportunity and tested it in the Hygiene Institute in Innsbruck. ”

2:29 – Speaker: In the laboratory of the Med-Uni, the spray achieved good results and wiped out up to 100% of the coronaviruses.
2:36 – How effective it is in the human body is now to be investigated with further series of tests and clinical studies.
2:43 – What is clear, however, is that the spray is not a cure for the coronavirus.

2:47 – Wilfried Posch, molecular biologist and expert on novel infections: “In any case, it is not a panacea and it is also not a therapeutic option – if someone is sick with Covid, it will no longer help.
2:55 – It is really intended as a prophylaxis.
2:58 – Just as we wear mouth and nose protection or the mask, the product could be an additional help or support. ”

3:07 – The Med-Uni Innsbruck now wants to make further experiments with the mouth spray. 3:12 – The manufacturing company in Hall / Tyrol is optimistic and has already expanded their production capacities [to meet demand]

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