A small introduction

About Us

Our story began as most small businesses begin – out of personal anguish…

One day I got a call from an old friend from Germany who told me he just visited my home country, Israel, and they’re running a test on one of the date fields there.

Being the Curious George that I am, I asked him what he was doing and he told me about this product that they’ve been using in Germany for the past 20 years that has been proven to boost ATP levels in plants and living organisms.

ATP? What’s that? I said.

ATP is essentially the energy currency of the cells in our bodies. The more ATP our cells have, the stronger they are in protecting us from outside invaders.

Companies have been using sodium hypochlorite as a sanitizing agent for years, but none was able to create a body-identical molecule that triggers the creation of ATP in the body.

Until now.

He sent me a few samples with instructions on how to use them, and I waited patiently (ok, maybe not so patiently) by the mail box for them to arrive.

A little secret

Here’s something you should probably know about me…

I grew up in Israel to a father who was born prior to Israel’s independence, has fought in 6 wars and has seen things. One of his military roles was being a medic. So when I grew up and got hurt everything was dismissed with a brush of the hand and a saying – “by the time you get married, this will pass”.

My dad was also the ambulance driver in our tiny village and hospitals were only in a matter of extreme emergency.

Like that time when I was around 6 or 7 years old and me and a friend decided to chew and swallow pumpkin seeds. A piece of a cracked pumpkin seed got stuck in my throat, interfering with my breathing. Honestly, I don’t remember feeling bad, but my dad hurried me to the ambulance and rushed me to the hospital. I spent a few days there unable to eat the candy that my grandma brought me (oh, the torture!).

The general notion in our house was – give the body some time, and it’ll take care of itself.

And then I went to a boarding school in Jerusalem and made a few forever friends (yes, we’re still friends to this day), and found out that my friend’s dad died because of a doctor’s mistake.

That’s when it all changed for me.

I realized that doctors are just as human as all of us. That they make mistakes and that they don’t know everything.

That childhood lesson of – take care of your body and it’ll take care of you, truly solidified in me.

It’s not that I’m anti-science, anti-vaccines or against hospitals and medicine. Not at all. (I’m called “That geek” for a reason 😉 ) but I do strongly believe that it is not in big Pharma’s interest to keep us healthy or cure our diseases. They’re in the business of taking care of the symptoms, not the root cause.

And there are many reasons why our body’s signal distress – maybe the food we eat, not enough water, emotional stress (that one is a killer), not enough sleep..

So I know that once the body has what it needs, it’ll do what it knows to do – it’ll heal itself.

I dove into the science

The samples arrived and under the guidance of my German friend, I started experimenting.

If I woke up with allergies, I’d spray JustATP into my nostrils and the symptoms went away immediately.

If I got a bruise from Krav Maga, I sprayed JustATP and in a few days it was gone.

If I felt a little sore throat, I’d spray it into my mouth and enjoy a day of being pain free.

I tested it on my family

My son came home crying because he fell from a tree house and scraped his knee really bad.
So bad that the white of his skin was showing.

My dad, a medic in the Israeli army, pulled out rubbing alcohol from the medicine cabinet and poured it on my son’s open wound to clean it.

My poor baby! He was yelling in pain and I rushed into the kitchen to see my mom holding him as my dad cleans and sanitizes the open wound with pure alcohol.

Guess he really got a taste of what it’s like to be an Israeli. Lol.

I calmed him down (lots of hugs and kisses) took out justATP and sprayed his wound.

We covered it for the night so he wouldn’t wake up from the blanket or the sheets.

The next day I took all that construction off and simply sprayed him with JustATP again.

Within 90 min. The white part under his skin was barely noticeable. I kept spraying throughout the day and the next day there was a noticeable renewal of the skin taking place.

The body did what it does when it has all it needs – it repaired itself.

Even though we sprayed less and less each day, my son’s body was still repairing his skin every day, and he was back climbing trees in no time.

I had to bring it to you too.

After seeing my friends post pictures of their little one’s burnt hands online, hearing their stories of bed time stories with lots of lotions, the horrible pain people with skin conditions go through when they want to maintain good hand hygiene and the news of people getting second degree burns after applying alcohol based hand sanitizers (I’m serious, look it up! It’s horrible), I knew I had to bring it to the US too.

And let me tell ya – it wasn’t easy, but I did it. For myself, my family and people like you who want full protection without having to compromise.

We passed the FDA process, cleared customs, got the warehouse and the systems up to make sure you can get it in your hands as fast as possible.

If you’re like me and you believe that science hasn’t discovered all there is to know about our bodies, that there’s wisdom within and that our bodies have the power to take care of themselves when they have all the energy to do so, then I would love for you to join my mission of empowering people to live their best life.

Here’s to life!