Boosts your immune system in just two seconds

without pills or harmful chemicals.

Beat Illness By Optimizing Your Health

What is it about this spray that can boost your immune system in just two seconds without pills or harmful chemicals?


JustATP is the ONLY body-identical, all natural spray in the world that triggers the creation of ATP in the cell. ATP is the energy currency of the cells in your body. The more ATP – the more energy your cells have to function.

Want better health? Treat the cells with this exclusive spray.

 Clinically Proven & Trusted

JustATP is a homeopathic, alcohol-free, FDA registered and lab tested spray that not only kills 99.999% of germs in 60 seconds but also doesn’t dry or irritates your skin.

Top hospitals, businesses, municipalities and every day Germans are already using JustATP to clean their hands and take care of their skin. And now JustATP is available for health conscience Americans too.

JustATP has passed the most rigorous German lab tests and has been proven to eliminate 99.999% of germs in just 60 seconds, all while protecting your skin and keeping it from drying up and cracking.

 “I have switched my entire medical practice to JustATP products”

~Dr. Signe T. Buck, Graz, Austria.

Are YOU Ready to boost your body’s healing powers and enjoy socializing with your family and friends again?

Tired of the pain? Just Add True Protection

JustATP is the perfect solution for:

  • People who want to boost their immune system naturally
  • People who want to fight illnesses by optimizing their health
  • Getting rid of allergies
  • People with sensitive skin
  • People with skin dermatitis conditions like: eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or contact dermatitis
  • Kids (scratched knees, rashes, allergies)
  • Medical facilities
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Public institutions
  • After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
  • Visiting the public toilets
  • Personal contact in public
  • Touching contact surfaces
  • Shaking hands
    …and much, much more!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of choosing JustATP for your sanitizing and healing needs:

The purest hand sanitizer on the market, containing only water, salt and electricity with one active ingredient that is body identical.

Passed the most rigorous European lab testing for safety and effectiveness.

Registered with the FDA.

No side effects just the opposite – justATP promotes healing and repairing of your skin conditions.

Kills 99.999% of the bad bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses.

Just spray on and let it dry.

Real People. Real Life.

Here are just a few case studies of using JustATP to trigger healing.

My hands look almost completely normal again

By Emma. (13 years old)
Verified purchase

“When I stayed with my aunt and uncle I noticed that my hands were very rough and that my ankles were even cracked.

My uncle, Holger, gave me JustATP and that helped me a lot. I rubbed it on my hands 2 times a day (morning and evening) and it took only 2-3 days to see results. It didn’t hurt and it didn’t burn.

Now after 5 days, my hands look almost completely normal again. I can only recommend JustATP because it has proven to be very effective.”

The Eczema disappeared in 24 hours

By Sabine (nurse)
Verified purchase

“I applied JustATP spray on my client’s hands at 2:15pm, and when he came to see me again at 8:00am the next morning, his hands were nearly free of the painful eczema. I love JustATP! I use it with all my patients. ”

I saw his skin starting to repair itself within 90 minutes

By Yifat (mom)
Verified purchase

“My son fell from a tree house and hurt his knee really bad – so bad that the white below the skin was showing. I sprayed JustATP on it, wrapped it up for the night and let him rest. The next day I took off the bandages, and sprayed his wound again. 90 minutes later the white was nearly gone and his wound healed within 5 days. The best part – on day 3 he was able to play and climb trees again.”

The itch went away immediately and the next morning the skin was nearly healed.

By Ezra
Verified purchase

“I had this itch on my cheek that I kept scratching till it started bleeding. My daughter sprayed JustATP on it and immediately the itch went away (what a relief!). When I woke up the next day I noticed the my skin was nearly healed and it didn’t itch any more. I now spray JustATP daily into my mouth and add it to my humidifier to clean my lunges. I highly recommend it!”

Everything you need, none of the stuff you don’t.

  • 100% protection without the side effects

    Tested and proven to eliminate 99.999% of viruses in just 60 seconds

  • Promotes healing of damaged skin

    Repair damaged skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, contact dermatitis or dryness from overuse of alcohol based hand sanitizers.

  • Toxins free

    Does not include fragrances, parabens, alcohol, dyes or any chemicals that can harm you.

  • Non-alcoholic

    Won’t dry your hands or crack your skin.

  • Lab tested and certified

    Backed by the most rigorous testing in the Germany. Registered with the FDA.

Smell The Difference

The only hand sanitizer that let’s you know when your hands are safe to use – by using your nose!

How Does Your Nose Know It’s Working?

Easy! It will let you know in exactly 60 seconds.

Just smell your hands after you spray JustATP on them and you’ll notice a slight pool smell.
That’s an indication that the germs on your hands are dying.

Spray it on again and you’ll notice the pool smell is almost gone, replaced by the smell of natural eucalyptus extract.

Now you know for sure that your hands are clean and safe to use.

A Breakthrough in boosting celular energy

Our body’s the most advanced machine ever created. Science hasn’t figured out all the ways our body knows how to heal itself, and that’s what these German scientists have been working on.

They spent over 20 years deciphering the natural healing code in our bodies and they discovered that when our immune system kicks into gear, our body starts using sodium hypochlorite to trigger the production of ATP.

The leading scientists in Germany created the proprietary JustATP Blend. This proprietary technology has been proven both in the labs and in the hands of over thousands of people to raise ATP levels.

They’ve been using it to help people suffering from skin disorders, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, diabetes and even heavy virus infections like HIV. Pictures are coming from all over the world showing the miraculous effects of adding JustATP to the daily routine and not only is it backed by science, it also passed 3 rigorous lab tests showing that it eliminates germs and bacteria in just 60 second.

Now, here’s the coolest thing – unlike other hand sanitizers that dry your hands, might burn them or cause your skin to crack without any indication that your hands are truly sanitized, you can tell that JustATP is working for you simply by using your nose!

Yes, your nose.

No better way to protect the ones you love

putting your family’s safety first

Our scientists spent over 20 years deciphering the natural healing code in our bodies. They discovered that when our immune system kicks into gear, our body starts using sodium hypochlorite to trigger the production of ATP. ATP is essentially the energy currency of the cells in our bodies. The more ATP our cells have, the stronger they are in protecting us from outside invaders.

Companies have been using sodium hypochlorite as a sanitizing agent for years, but none was able to create a body-identical molecule that triggers the creation of ATP in the body.

Until now.

FDA Registered


Cleans without harming