No time for sick days

Boosts your immune system in just two seconds without pills or harmful chemicals.

Your environment is cleaner

your immune system has never been so unprepared.

Hindsight is 20/20, but can we not learn from mistakes of the past?

According to the New York Times, here’s a lesson that runs counter to a century of marketing: We’re not safer when we try to eliminate every risk from our environment.

A Gallup poll from 1998 found that 66% of adults worried about virus and bacteria, and 40% “believed these microorganisms were becoming more widespread.”

Gallup also reported that 33% of adults “expressed the need for antibacterial cleansers to protect the home environment,” and 26% believed they were needed to protect the body and skin.

They were wrong. And even doctors have been wrong.

These may be a huge boon to an immune system faced with an otherwise deadly infection. But when used without good reason, the drugs can wipe out healthy microbes in our gut and cause bacteria to develop defenses that make them even more lethal.

Our bodies are constantly attacked

And they can take it, if the cells have all the energy they need

A strong Immune system is crucial

Not optional.

Being locked at home, limiting our social interactions, not getting enough sun, dealing with news, fear and judgment on a daily basis have lowered our immune system.

In fact, a new report from the CDC analyzed Covid-19 hospitalizations and severe illnesses from over 800 U.S. hospitals and over 540,000 citizens over the course of a year.
They found that the strongest risk factors for death from Covid-19 were, #1 obesity (which is already well established—not being addressed, but already well established), and #2 (the 2nd biggest risk factor for death from covid-19) is anxiety and fear-related disorders!

It might not even sound real.

How can fear and anxiety increase your risk of death from a viral infection?

Well, it’s the subject of one of the fastest growing fields of science, psychoneuroimmunology.

A consistent state of fear can cripple your immune system, disrupt cellular communication, and dramatically increase your risk of disease… as noted in this new report.

A strong immune system starts in our cells

We can’t help you much with reducing fear and anxiety (aside from suggesting that you turn the TV off, get some sun and hug your loved ones), but what we can do is make your cells stronger so you can deal with whatever life throws at you.

Inside each of the trillions of cells in your body are mitochondria. These organelles are the powerhouse of your cells. They generate a lot of the chemical energy you need for your cells to work. That energy is stored in a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

The more ATP the mitochondria produces, the stronger your cells are.

A Strong Body Is Made Of Strong Cells.
Strong Cells Are Powered By ATP.
What Powers ATP?
We Do.

Your cells, strong & healthy

Energized Cell = A Stronger Immune System.

Without ATP, we die. It’s as simple as that.

After over 20 years of research, our German scientist have created a breakthrough in cellular energy and unveiled the JustATP spray. The spray contains body-identical molecules that trigger the production of ATP in our cells.

By naturally triggering the production of ATP in our cells, JustATP is able to help people with various conditions ranging from skin dermatitis (like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis) and allergies, to Type 2 Diabetes, to COVID and even people with serious virus infections like HIV.

Strong from the inside out

We know that behind every healthy and happy family there’s a strong mom that makes it all look so easy.

A strong mom that doesn’t always have the time to enjoy her coffee, never mind actually working out or making time for self-care.

We also know that if mom doesn’t take care of her own health and God forbid she gets sick, then everything falls apart.

That’s why we love JustATP so much.

It just 2 seconds of spraying JustATP you are energizing your cells and naturally protecting yourself from the inside out.

Energized Cell = A Stronger Immune System.

We’re making sure that you can protect yourself and your loved ones without adding more to your to-do list.

Just Spray 🙂

JustATP Harnesses The Power Of Cellular Energy To Trigger Healing From The Inside Out.

What is JustATP?

JustATP is a homeopathic, alcohol-free, FDA registered and lab tested reconstructive spray that not only kills 99.999% of germs in 60 seconds but also triggers healing from the inside out.

After over 20 years of research, our scientist have created a breakthrough in cellular energy and unveiled the JustATP spray. The spray contains body-identical molecules that trigger the production of ATP in our cells.
ATP is the energy currency of the cells in our bodies. Without ATP we die. Simple as that.

By naturally triggering the production of ATP in our cells, JustATP is able to help people with various conditions ranging from skin dermatitis (like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis) and allergies, to Type 2 Diabetes, to COVID and even people with serious virus infections like HIV.

A Breakthrough In Boosting Cellular Energy

This proprietary technology has been proven both in the labs and in the hands of over thousands of people to beat illness by optimizing your health.

Spraying JustATP daily on your skin not only triggers healing, but also protects it against germs and bacteria.

The Best Kept German Secret, Finally Available In The US Market.

How JustATP boosts your immune system
in just 2 seconds

Without pills or harmful chemicals

“I Have Switched My Entire Medical Practice To JustATP Products”

~Dr. Signe T. Buck, Graz, Austria.

Clinically Proven & Trusted

The Best Kept German Secret, Finally Available In The US Market.

Our German nurse, Sabine has been working with the locals in Uganda and Cameroon to treat kids and adults with major injuries.

We’re talking about a little boy of 11 years old named Solo, got cut by a sharp ax, and of 16 years Sven who had a tick bite her just under the eye. We’re talking about Brian who got diagnosed with AIDS and Laurence was suffering from Neurodermitis.

In all these cases, and many more Sabine treated them with JustATP.

JustATP is not medicine.

It’s the only body-identical spray on the market that is uniquely developed to trigger the creation of ATP in our bodies.

Our mitochondria still does the work, we just turbo-charge this powerhouse.

And to make sure it does the work, JustATP has passed rigorous European lab tests and passed them all with flying colors:

 EN 1500 and EN 14476

 VAH method 14.1 / 14.2 and EN 16615, as well as EN 14476

 EN 13697 and DVV / RKI guidelines

You’d do anything for them

Being a responsible mom mean that you’re chasing them to eat healthy, take their vitamins, drink their water, and keep them safe as much as you possibly can.

It’s no wonder that responsible moms find themselves so tired and worn out at the end of the day (and let’s admit it, sometimes after lunch too).

How easy would it be to just spray yourself and your kids right before you send them off to school and one more time before bed?

Nothing to it, right?

By spraying JustATP daily you are giving your cells the energy they need to operate optimally, turbo-charging your immune system and protecting your entire family against all kinds of viruses and bacteria out there.

Keeping yourself and them healthy has never been easier.

Just spray.

“My son has Autoimmune issues so I use the internet A LOT for researching ingredients. When I looked into the ATP ingredients and what it can do for boosting the immune system I was sold! We use it on our skin as well as a few sprays a day orally to boost our immunity. Just Spray is in my office, my car, my purse and at home, it is definitely a product to keep on hand for many uses.”

~Natalie Walsh

“Just Spray works! I appreciate more natural homeopathic ways to support healing in the body. In every situation, Just Spray works and works quickly. We have a few bottles on hand and are getting ready to purchase more. I’m not a doctor, but often look for a layman use and reference I can trust. If that’s you, take my advice, and Just Spray.”


“I have had a spot on my wrist for at least 5 years (probably much longer) it gets dry, & it scabs, & over time turned into a huge bruise. I started using JustATP once a day. About 3 weeks later the bruise is totally gone. The dryness is minimal. That’s awesome!”


With enough energy in the cells

The body repairs itself.

Dr. Bill Cole offers at home cellular health testing kit that he describes as his “secret weapon” –

It’s 50X more accurate than any blood test and can tell you your true cellular age/health in less than 3 minutes! Poor cellular health equals premature aging and has now been linked to almost every health problem we face in this country.

And so I bought this test and my cells came out redder than red. 😔

But that made sense because I just recovered from the C-19 and my body was still healing.

Knowing the JustATP triggers the creation of ATP in my cells, and more energy means faster healing.. I got 6ml of JustATP intramolecular treatment for 7 days in a row.

I waited 3 days, and I tested again.

This time, my test came out as clear as day!

No more oxidative stress on my cells. 🥳

So I had to know – is it true that

JustATP Makes All The Difference

I wanted to know whether the difference between the 2 tests was a result of using JustATP intramuscular during those 7 days.

And so I did a little experiment to find out.

I took the vial with the red solution in it and added JustATP to it to see what it’ll do.

I thought it might make it a bit pinkish… but it did something else.

I honestly didn’t expect this –

Results that you can actually SEE


Just Spray.

  • Before-Eczema Palm
    After-Eczema Palm
    Before Eczema Palm After
  • Before-
    Before After

Tick Bite?

Just Spray.

  • Before-Tick
    Before Tick After

Kid Fell?

Just Spray.

  • Before-Knee 1
    After-Knee 1
    Before Knee 1 After


Just Spray.

  • Before-bruises
    Before bruises After


Just Spray.

  • Before-rash
    Before rash After

Word on the street…

My hands look almost completely normal again

By Emma. (13 years old)
Verified purchase

“When I stayed with my aunt and uncle I noticed that my hands were very rough and that my ankles were even cracked.

My uncle, Holger, gave me JustATP and that helped me a lot. I rubbed it on my hands 2 times a day (morning and evening) and it took only 2-3 days to see results. It didn’t hurt and it didn’t burn.

Now after 5 days, my hands look almost completely normal again. I can only recommend JustATP because it has proven to be very effective.”

The Eczema disappeared in 24 hours

By Sabine (nurse)
Verified purchase

“I applied JustATP spray on my client’s hands at 2:15pm, and when he came to see me again at 8:00am the next morning, his hands were nearly free of the painful eczema. I love JustATP! I use it with all my patients. ”

I saw his skin starting to repair itself within 90 minutes

By Yifat (mom)
Verified purchase

“My son fell from a tree house and hurt his knee really bad – so bad that the white below the skin was showing. I sprayed JustATP on it, wrapped it up for the night and let him rest. The next day I took off the bandages, and sprayed his wound again. 90 minutes later the white was nearly gone and his wound healed within 5 days. The best part – on day 3 he was able to play and climb trees again.”

The itch went away immediately and the next morning the skin was nearly healed.

By Ezra
Verified purchase

“I had this itch on my cheek that I kept scratching till it started bleeding. My daughter sprayed JustATP on it and immediately the itch went away (what a relief!). When I woke up the next day I noticed the my skin was nearly healed and it didn’t itch any more. I now spray JustATP daily into my mouth and add it to my humidifier to clean my lunges. I highly recommend it!”

full protection without compromise

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For Moms, by a mom

Just like you, I’m a mom and a daughter.

This kid to the right is my world.

There’s nothing I love more than my son, but there are things that come really really close – like traveling, Krav Maga and business.

I insist that our life doesn’t stop, that we keep traveling, socializing and growing.

I also believe that science hasn’t discovered all there is to know about our bodies, that there’s wisdom within and that our bodies have the power to take care of themselves when they have all the energy to do so.

And so I searched far and wide for a product that will support the body’s natural healing powers, and I found it in Germany. A product without chemicals or harmful ingredients that is as natural as possible.

A breakthrough technology that I can feel confident giving to the most important people in my life – my son and my dad.

See, my dad recovered from cancer and JustATP has helped him SO much. He sleeps better now, experiences less pain and is back to his normal life. He loves the product so much that he gave it to his brother when he was going through his own cancer healing journey.

When I saw my uncle with hair on his head again I was shocked! He told me that he’s been spraying JustATP on his head for a month and was so proud of how strong his hair is.

After experiencing the magic of JustATP on myself and my family, I knew I had to bring it to the US too.

And let me tell ya – it wasn’t easy, but I did it. For myself, my family and mothers like you who want full protection without having to compromise.

We passed the FDA process, cleared customs, got the warehouse and the systems up to make sure you can get it in your hands as fast as possible.

And now I’m on a mission of empowering people to live their best life – naturally.

Join me.

Join the revolution

Responsible moms all over the US have been secretly tapping into this German secret to keep themselves and their families healthy.

It’s your turn.

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